Legal Aid NSW


We can help you make an application for legal aid


CBD Criminal Defence Lawyers regularly act and appear for clients who are recipient’s of a grant of Legal Aid. We can discuss your financial circumstances with you and help you make an application for Legal Aid.


Victoria Havryliv is both a member of the Legal Aid General Crime and Serious Crime Panel which means she acts for clients eligible for Legal Aid in all jurisdictions including the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia. She regularly acts for clients in complex matters where clients are charged with very serious offences including murder, large scale drug offences, sexual assaults etc.


To be a member of the Legal Aid panels requires adhering to strict practice standards and demonstration of high quality legal representation in all criminal law matters.


Are you eligible for a grant of Legal Aid?


Legal Aid NSW has clear guidelines about who can get a grant of Legal Aid. 


They will look at:


  • If you are likely to win your case (merit test)

  • What you earn and what you own (means test).


CBD Criminal Defence Lawyers can help you apply for a grant of Legal Aid by preparing and lodging your application. If Legal Aid is granted, the Legal Aid Commission may keep the matter in-house with a Legal Aid staff lawyer or assign the matter to CBD Criminal Defence Lawyers.



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