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Alcohol & Drug Driving Offences

Drink driving (often known as PCA - Driving with a Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) is one of the most prevalent offences in the NSW judicial system. Unfortunately, it is also an offence that is indiscriminatory - people from all walks of life face these types of offences - and for many, it is a person's first interaction with the NSW judicial system. From 1 February 2015, stricter penalties for NSW drivers convicted of serious and repeat drink driving offences came into effect. The lawyers at CBD Criminal Defence Lawyers have the experience and acumen to assist you with every aspect of your ciminal matter. Place your immediate future in competent hands, call CBD Criminal Defence Lawyers now to schedule a consultation.


High Range PCA (0.15 or above)    Mid Range PCA (0.08 to less than 0.15)    Low Range PCA (0.05 to less than 0.08)

Novice Range PCA (over 0.0)    Special Range PCA (over 0.02)    Drive Under Influence of Alcohol or Drug    Refuse to Provide Sample

Drive with Presence of Cannabis, Speed/Ice or MDMA/Ecstacy    Drive with Presence of Morphine or Cocaine

Drive Whilst Disqualified    Drive with Cancelled Licence    Drive Whilst Suspended    Drive after Licence Refused

Drive with Licence Suspended or Cancelled Under the Fines Act (Non-Payment of Fines)

Drive Whilst Never Licenced    Drive with Not Appropriate Licence    Drive with Out of State Licence (After 3 Months)

Unlicenced Driving Offences

There are heavy penalties for driving without a licence, or driving a type of vehicle that your licence doesn't authorise you to drive. It is your responsibility to renew your licence by the due date.


The offences of driving whilst suspended/driving whilst disqualified are serious offences which carry maximum penalties of 2 years imprisonment and should not be taken lightly.


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Habitual Traffic Offender Quash Habitual Traffic Offender Declaration

Habitual Traffic Offender Declarations

A Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) declaration is an additional penalty imposed by the RMS (formerly RTA). This means that on top of any court imposed disqualification period the RMS may disqualify you from driving for another 5 years. In some cases, a court can even increase this period.


It is crucial that you obtain advice from an experienced legal team who is ready to make an application to quash the HTO and help you get your licence back.


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Applications to quash Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Declaration

Police Speed trap Speeding Loss of licence Speed camera Licence appeal

Driving Licence Appeals

Not all decisions to suspend your licence can be appealed. Your appeal must be lodged within strict time periods. You have 28 days after receiving your letter from the RMS notifying you of your suspension.


Contact CBD Criminal Defence Lawyers immediately to get prompt advice as to whether you have any proper grounds of appeal and whether you are still in time to lodge your appeal.


It is possible to appeal decisions for: Suspension of your licence by the Police for speeding more than 45km/h

Suspension of your licence by the RMS for speeding more than 30km/h in a 45km/h zone

Suspension of your licence by the RMS for demerit points on P1 or P2 licence

Drive whilst disqualified Drive while suspended Drive without licence
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